Sticker Boy ® - Technical facts:

0-24er-Usetools for stickers
Pressure: approx. 3,6 tons
Pressure capacity: approx. 700 pieces per hour
Punch knife: useful life approx. 500.000 punches
Paper width: 127 mm
Paper length: up to 250 mm
Sticker rolls: 50- to 750-Meter-rolls for use (Order of sticker rolls according to production address)
Precision: in the My-area
Machine weight: 200 kg
Construction: - Automatic Typ 13/25 VA or
- Halfautomatic Typ 13/25 HA
(with perforations cut or cut device)
Flexible location

due to a movable base

The exchange oft the punchknives may be done fast and without problems!

Sticker Boy