Sticker Boy

Sticker Boy Sticker

To be one step ahead is the recipe of your success!
Our Stickerboy quarantees you the important advantage.

With our latest applications you can surprise your customers with unnique, funny and pedagogical useful products. Photostickers are nowadays standard in the range of every schoolphotographer, offer additional postcards, puzzles and magnetic cards to your customers.

And surprise with our latest innovation - the family memory.
Take pictures of your children, relatives, pets and everything you care about and present a piece of familytradition to your loved ones.

Sticker Boy Sticker
Stickerboy models
All these products can be places on the standard size of 13/18er prints (= 127mm x 178mm = 5 x 7 inch). Different requirements - customized solutions!

Stickerboy ST 13/25
Our basic Stickerboy, for photostickers

Stickerboy MA 13/25
The specialist for magnetic cards

Stickerboy SM 13/25
Punching photostickers and magnetic cards

Stickerboy SPPM 13/18
for photostickers, postcards, puzzles, memories and photo calendar

Stickerboy SPPMM 13/18
for photostickers, postcards, puzzles, memories, magnetic cards and photo calendar

Sticker Boy with small laboratorySticker Boy ® with small laboratory
For a quick edition of photos. Without effort!
  • space saving
  • easy to use
  • applicable for every product,
    photo stickers. postcards, puzzles, magnetic cards or memory