Sticker Boy ® Story

Erich GassnerIn 1990 Erich Gassner, the inventor of Stickerboy, decided to take a risk – after working for more than twenty years as a mechanical engineer in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, he started his own limited company in Austria.

PMS GmbH (Patent Marketing Services Ltd) has grown over the past 14 years, producing high quality business cards, watchfaces and other photographic products. PMS GmbH’s main customer is the Swiss watch maker SWATCH. During the past years PMS has manufactured numerous watch faces, including many limited editions.

With the worldwide development of the minilabs, the call for a single sheet punching machine became louder – so in 2002 the Stickerboy was born! It is a perfect mixture of Austrian design, Swiss precision and German know-how.

Sticker Boy ®Stickerboy ® 13/25 VA

is an automatic single sheet punching machine. It is mainly used in the production of school photography but punching out business cards or passport photographs is no problem for this flexible machine.

For example customers like KODAK, AGFA, FUDJI are more than satisfied with our
extremely relieable Stickerboy ®.

Successful companies like Megastar or Thiele, who have more than one Stickerboy in operation, are able to inform you about it’s quality and flexibility. You can find the
contact at the references link.